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The beginning of using hat boxes in floristry is connected with a love story of Bernard Shaw. Famous Irish writer was passionately in love with an actress. Stella Campbell captivated him with her talented performance on stage.
Florists from Prefere Fleur are glad to present the top 5 bouquets for Valentine's Day. They also give you some recommendations that will help express your feelings using the language of flowers.
Do you know, how the Prefere Fleur online florist shop was born? In any nativity story, it’s love that must be present of course. A young girl Alenka visits Prague for the first time in her life and - as so often - she falls in love with a smart young lad. And that’s where the „happily ever afer“ and the end of the fairy tale is meant to come, right?
Mom gave us life. She was with us in the most difficult moments and she shared so important moments of success with us. What flowers to give to express love, appreciation and just glad your mom?
Flowers can sometimes say more than words. They are able to tell about the emotions and feelings of the giver. Use a few simple recommendations from Prefere Fleur florists to keep the flower arrangement pleasing to the eye and keep its freshness.
Before you get cross and frustrated with us for our ignorance and for ruining the lovely French language, please, read on! Of course we understand why you get the feeling like there is something weird about our name. Isn’t it all twisted and mixed up? Seems like there is one E missing somewhere and a stroke over the second E has dissapeard, the one called l'accent aigu,? Sure sure, you are right, we are guilty on all counts.
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